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A Great Season at Theatre Clywd

winslow-3566816It’s been a great season at Theatre Clywd. Thursday was ‘The WInslow Boy’ Terence Rattigan.

My Facebook status read:

nqdztmIOMz‘The Winslow Boy’ Terrence Rattigan – Theatre Clywd – Terry Hands is a bloody genius – brilliant, brilliant touches of comedy with tangible atmosphere changes! Absolutely stunning set complete with Edwardian conservatory, authentic greenery and a huge tree! “Real’ rain on glass roof! Phenomenal performance by a local lad as Ronnie – best ‘shaking with fear’ I have ever seen … Sir Robert was totally totally awesome – such authority. Kate made me cry in her ‘dumping the junk’ suffragettes a ‘hopeless cause’ speech! Just THE best theatre experience. 

Nuff sed.

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