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Snow Day and What Teachers Do When Their Prayers are Answered

Knew the school would be closed. IMG00329-20130121-1408 buses can’t get the kids back up the lanes to the little villages. But town and the main roads were clear so the Head decided it was worth giving it a go – until the coach companies informed him they couldn’t  guarantee getting kids home safely. Got the ‘school closed’ text half-way to school. It was all quite jolly at school – staff being turned away at the gate, inside it was bacon butties and the head smiling away, sixth formers in to do January A level exams – all     good fun.


Massive queues on the dual carriageway so decided to go home ‘the long way round’ and called in at Tescos – bought mushrooms and E. and I had a huge plate of mushroom and onion gravy with bacon and sausage for breakfast.

Spent the rest of the afternoon pottering around the house and had annual drawer clear-out – this is what snow days are for.


Spent Saturday and most of today marking A level coursework – and trying to take photos of birds in front garden. They don’t usually turn up till around one o’clock but they flocked in around eleven this morning. The robin turned up late and missed the stale bread and bacon rinds so had to give him two slices of fresh loaf. Took him ages to venture down from next door’s roof and then he fled before I could get camera back out.

The Great British Motorist. Some great pics of idiots driving with tiny ‘windows’ in the snow on their car windscreens.

This was first posted on January 21 2013