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Scary Moments on My Planet: aka ‘You Couldn’t Make it Up.’

Part 1.

So have introduced Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ to Year 9 by watching ‘Shakespeare in Love’. At the end Gwyneth Paltrow is shipped off to Virginia by her horrible husband, Colin Firth.

Me: “Who do you think ‘Virginia’ was named after? Think famous ‘Virgin” … probably the most famous after Mary.”

Year 9: “Michael Jackson.”

Stunned, I have no immediate reply. ‘Mmmm, try again … “

Second Year 9: “The 40 year old … “

Part 2.

Finished reading ‘An Inspector Calls’ with Year 11 today. It’s a year group full of hot gossip and general Class A bitchiness: in other words, a group of perfectly normal and lovely teenagers. I have spent weeks pontificating about how everything we do affects everyone else; how we must consider the consequences of our interaction with others and be socially responsible. However, to throw some grade A/A* thinking into the mix I also offered them the following to ponder on:

What other people think of you is none of your business. 

What other people do to you is not your fault.

We concluded a lively discussion talking about how victims of abuse are made to feel ‘it is their fault’, and any therapy to repair the emotional damage usually involves convincing the victim that ‘it was not their fault’ – think ‘Good WIll Hunting’. Ergo, we concluded, when people are ‘good’ to you’ it is not your ‘fault’ either. They, it could be argued, are doing ‘good’ not because you deserve it  but because they are good people.

All pretty standard GCSE Literature.

But, and you just couldn’t make it up … just as this was being said The Head turned up to my classroom and with him marched in the new Bishop, two priests and four nuns !!!! It was like  – and here, Ladies and gentlemen, are a group of ‘good people’ I made earlier …. 

This entry was first posted  on January 15 2013.