“Schools in crisis as graduates turn their backs on teaching” Guardian 26 Dec 2015

“It is SOOOOO annoying to have to read yet another article linking teacher recruitment and/or retention to teacher pay. This is simply NOT the issue!!!!!! It’s parents’ complaining, hours spent on data analysis, the serious lack of life/work balance, and pressure to get every child “above average” – despite this being statistically impossible, this is the main focus in education – from parents as much as the government. Employers all want their skill-set ‘taught’ by schools – so the curriculum is paradoxically both so broad (nearly every subject has to be offered) and yet so narrow (only English and Maths really count) – I assume because their own training budgets have been squeezed – it’s just impossible to satisfy anyone, never mind everyone.

And parents seem to have practically abandoned input – from teaching infants colours and nursery rhymes to older children about their immediate heritage (no-one knows who Churchill is any more).

Children themselves do not ‘know’ any less than when I started teaching 30 years ago, but they ‘know’ a lot about ‘stuff’ which doesn’t support an archaic curriculum still aiming to churn out factory fodder with a decent percentage of admin staff thrown in for good measure. (State schools are not expected to produce ‘the elite’ – Eaton still does that.)

Frankly, British education needs a major shake-up to bring our kids into the 21st century – starting with educating parents what they need to do/know, the curriculum and the exam system as well as school leadership training. Articles and media focus on teacher pay continues to miss the point – instead of looking at statistics and talking to spokesmen, why not actually visit some schools before your next edition?”

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In response to oldcornishlefty

+ parents and their constant ‘passing the buck’ complaints because it’s easier to blame and complain about teachers than it is to get their kids off social media and do their homework, talk to their kids about their heritage and contemporary issues, teach their infants their colours, a few nursery rhymes/fairy tales. etc. Kids do not know any less than they ever did, they just know different stuff – unfortunately, what they do know is of little use to the archaic curriculum the Tories have imposed.


+ parents and their constant ‘passing the buck’ complaints because it’s easier to blame and complain about teachers than it is to get their kids off social media and do their homework

This is very true. I know several dedicated teachers who are giving their all for young pupils, but are up against this kind of thing. It’s funny – restricting TV and computer use is commonplace, particularly among middle-class parents, in North America. Here it seems to be regarded as fascist! No government advice that I know has ever included this to parents. I can’t imagine why so many people have children just to fob them off most of the time with electronic gizmos.


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