It’s time to resurrect the blog!

SO I intended to do a year in the life of ‘You Couldn’t Make it Up’ – a bit of a teacher-blog thing but chickened out in the end as I needed the job for a few more years. That gig has finally finished and I still can’t ‘reveal’ as libel laws are pretty complicated, not the least about the onus of proof – when ‘you couldn’t make it up’, even the truth is hard to prove !

As I no longer have a Sixth Form to vent my opinions on, this is as good a place as any have a good rant and reflect on anything else!

The Guardian: Young People Living in ‘suspended adulthood’ – to full article.

Extract/intro: “Despair, worries about the future and financial pressures are taking a toll on millions of young Britons, according to a poll which found young women in particular were suffering.

Low pay and lack of work in today’s Britain are resulting in “suspended adulthood”, with many living or moving back in with their parents and putting off having children, according to the poll of thousands of 18 to 30-year-olds.

Large numbers describe themselves as worn down (42%), lacking self-confidence (47%) and feeling worried about the future (51%).”

And thus is my son ! Although not quite as depressed or in despair as described above. But living at home and determined not to sell out to his PGCE ! And so I commented:

This is the generation that suffered the Blair ‘education, education, education’ – the classes of ‘born 1992 – 94 (now 22/3 – 25 yrs) were the guinea pigs for the END of the first generation SATs and the ‘original’ GCSE coursework syllabi – which had been working really well and which saw results climbing year on year – because teachers were getting better at delivering them NOT because standards were falling.
This is the generation Blair wanted 25% of to go to university and then did what no Tory govt. had had the audacity to do and charge for higher education.
They are the generation told not to bother to learn their tables or spelling rules because IT would do all that for them. They were taught to research and think for themselves and then had to undertake the new exams which tested mainly memory.
They have been treated shamefully: in debt up to their eyeballs from degrees no-one wants or needs – everyone thought they were going to be graphic designers or tour managers! Largely because that’s what they were told the country needed!
Blair and his gang should be tried for the biggest con trick ever.
And it was largely the 1960s baby boomers who fell for it and encouraged our kids to fall for all the flannel: WE bought our kids the computers and put them in their bedrooms – WE boasted about A/A* GCSEs full of literacy errors! WE kept them indoors because the media, headed and led by others of our generation, made the whole country believe it wasn’t safe to climb trees or run in the park any more because of the new “job’s worth” health and safety climate/there’s a kidnapper around every corner mentality.
But wait and see what the next generation turn out to be like!! I’ve just left teaching not in a small part because the latest syllabi/curriculum is the biggest joke yet. Can’t wait to see what people make of the current cohort of 16 yrs – 18 yrs old in 10 years time.

Got 6 LIKES ! (Not a bad haul on a mid-week article !) and a couple of responses included:


Thank you for your clear and concise perspective. That sums it up nicely!

Yes, Blair and Clegg have effectively derailed an entire generation and riots look likely having just watched the Charlotte riots video on the Gruan today. The mood is changing and young people are beginning to be indigent to the plots of politicians and crooked bankers.

I think the tories thought that they could somehow control this momentum generation by saddling them with debt and then monitoring them via their phones. I think they will rue the day that they thought that putting financial handcuffs on the youth would restrict the ability to take to the streets.



Best thing I’ve read all day, very well said.



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