School Technology: You Couldn’t Make It Up

So today the Year 10 poem was ‘At the Border, 1979′ – a poem by Choman Hardi. Ever the one for IT in lessons, I decided to play the BBC Bitesize video of the poet reading her poem. Bitesize have put up some effective images to accompany the reading.
Unfortunately, school equipment/broadband is not quite up to the same standard we are accustomed to at home and the video kept stopping to ‘buffer’ – sometimes in the middle of words …

The first lines should have read:
‘It is your last check-in point in this country!/
We grabbed a drink – “

With giggles after every buffering pause, it came out like this:

It is – (pause) – giggles
your – (pause) – giggles, smirk
last ch– more giggles, some open laughter
eck – proper laughter now
in poin – giggles, laughter, some sighing now
t in – giggles, giggles, giggles – (biggest pause so far)
this count – gasps, giggles, laughter, gasps, giggles, open laughter (really long pause)
ry ” – rolling around ! 
This entry was first posted on 18 February 2013.

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