Points of Interest from This Weekend

This morning G, so E. tells me got up at 5. 30 to go to work; ten minutes later I finally went to bed.

Have only smoked 31 cigarettes this weekend – and am not having what G. calls a ‘goodnight fag’.

Have not drank any alcohol this weekend.

Neither have I left the house or even got dressed: yesterday because I was dying of a cold and today because I have had too much too do. Also it has been freezing cold outside.

Brother is packing up to leave Fiji as I write: both E. and I are really annoyed that upon his return from a month in the sun, he will be greeted by snow. It’s not fair.

Finally, as a result of all of the above and finally  getting a spreadsheet of the data I have been asking for for years at my school, finally writing a scheme of work for the poetry anthology and new GCSE English Language syllabus WAG have dropped on us, and my mixed ability Year 8s have so far turned in 100% Level 5 or above leaflets, I am thinking about changing my planet’s name from ‘Shit Happens’ to ‘Anything is Possible’ (with the sub-title ‘But Don’t Get Over-excited Yet’ – obvs !).

(PS For future reference this is one of those winter weekends when we have been promised snow  by the weathermen and teachers everywhere have spent the entire day checking out  of their windows every hour on the hour to see if it has started yet. No luck so far.)

*’finally’ has been italic-ed because I am aware of the horrid effect of repeating ‘finally’ so close together, but I simply couldn’t find another word to go there, 

This entry was first posted on January 13 2013. 


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