Never had a crisis that didn’t turn out to be the best thing that could have happened.

So … last week was an odd week.

Gm had bought match tickets – and the rail tickets – to go to Upton Park for the West Ham v. Manchester Utd game. I had been dreading it from the moment I ‘accidentally’ opened his post and ‘discovered’ the rail tickets. In a way it was one of the greatest gestures ever made for me … my son driving all the way up from Cardiff and then getting up at half five to travel all the way to London with a nicotine-starved mad woman, to then dawdle around a couple of ‘sights’ before battling the tube alongside a bunch of raving Man U fans, fresh on the heels of being knocked out of the Champions League – they were all going to be in a great mood – to slaughter someone.

In the end the game was post-poned so that they could take it out on Chelsea instead.

That left me with £200 worth of useless tickets – so glad! It left me with nothing to do on Saturday. And the opportunity to realise that having Year 12 pupils follow my blog was tantamount to writing out my own P45. So I left WordPress, set up a Weebly and then discovered Weebly was awful. How it got listed in the top 50 websites I have no idea. So here I am back on WordPress.

The rest of the week was all down hill though. The exam board refused to issue boundaries to enable us to make any sense of the marks for the January exams. 56 pupils inundated me with requests for their results – and I had to tell them I couldn’t give them any. But now they will have to redo work to ensure they get through so the results will probably be even better. Just the same you can do without it, can’t you.

Finally I lost a stone from my gi-normous ring. I felt it immediately. And found it immediately. On the floor in my classroom by my chair. Probably the only place it would ever have been found.

All good on Planet-You-Couldn’t-Make-It-Up for a big longer. 🙂


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